How to get to Soran

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Soran is located to the North East of Kurdistan and is connected to the old towns of Rwandaz and Diana. Public transport consists of taxis, which are plentiful, and shared minibuses for distance travelling.
Car hire is available in major cities, but if you are a first time visitor it is strongly recommended that you take a taxi until you become accustomed to the roads in Kurdistan.

From Erbil:
Outside the airport terminal there are taxis that will take you into the city. You would ask to be taken to Garage Diana (pronounced dee-a-na) which is close to the centre and this will cost approximately 5,000 IQD. From the garage you take a taxi to Diana/Soran or a minibus. The taxi costs 40,000 IQD for one person, but if shared with others this reduces to 10,000 IQD per person. A minibus will cost you 6,000 IQD.
The journey takes approximately 2 hours through beautiful mountainous countryside.

From Sulaimani:
For those arriving at Sulaimani airport the procedure is the same as Erbil; a taxi from outside the terminal to Garage Diana, followed by a shared taxi or minibus to Diana/Soran.
The journey takes approximately hours and depending on the route will give you a different view of the Kurdistan countryside.

From Duhok:
Travelling to Soran from Duhok takes place in two tage:
A taxi from Duhok costs 80,000 IQD, or if shared 20,000 IQD each. You will change taxis at Akra which is the midway point between Duhok and Soran paying the first driver 40,000 IQD (or 10,000 IQD) and continue the journey with a second taxi paying the same amount.
The journey can take up to 4 hours and will take you through some stunning scenery.

From Iran:
Soran is the closest town to the Haji Omaran Border, approximately 70 km. For those arriving via the border there are numerous taxis at the crossing. The route from Haji-Omaran to Soran is particularly beautiful and takes you through an amazing mountainous region.
The journey will take you approximately 1.5-2 hours.

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